My Approach to Teaching: Engaging and flexible

I strongly believe that learning an instrument can have a tremendous impact on someone’s life, whether it be to explore a passion or just to try out a new hobby. Because everyone might have a different purpose or goal in mind, lessons will be set up according to each individual student.


Instruments Offered

        • Guitar – acoustic, electric, or classical
        • Piano & keyboard
        • Ukelele

Lessons and Rates

In my experience, having a lesson at a consistent time every week works best. This helps the student develop a constant practice routine, to play more frequently, and to allow practice times and lessons to be a normal part of their week.

        • Half-hour lesson: $20
        • 1-hour lesson: $35

I’m flexible, the payment method is up to you!

        • By-the-lesson (most common) or at the beginning of each month
        • Checks, cash, or Venmo is accepted


Cancellation Policy

I know schedules can change and sickness can be unexpected, so I do not charge any additional fees and encourage lessons to be rescheduled if possible. A cancellation policy will only be put in place if it is a reoccurring issue, which has been extremely sparse in my experience.


What You Need

As mentioned earlier, each student is different so what they need will not always be the same. (Of course, a guitar will always be needed.) Let’s meet and talk over the plan at the first lesson before you go out and buy anything else.

Feel free to always reach out to me with any other questions, concerns, or comments. I’ll be happy to help!


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